Welcome to Entex Wordpress Theme

This is Entex WordPress Theme

Entex is a complete template based framework with clean and organized presentation, ment for large articles or pages with a lot of text and well prepared images.

This theme is also using the classic WordPress sidebar and is not suitable for vertical scrolling fun blocks or huge text solutions. We are following the approach of Adobe InDesign typographic rules and using sizes ment for standard applications and common documents. However, there is much to discover under the hood.

Rebuilding all solutions into one public release

Entex Theme has been used for many years with different clients and purposes. When we decided to release this free for the public, we scaled down all adapted functionalities pass the years, and decided to add support for example WooCommerce, Bookings, Buddypress and other plugins, on a clean basis in a later stage.

Works with or without Gutenberg

The WordPress core editor has also changed. Most of our clients are still using the older classic interface. Entex theme aim to work well with both Gutenberg and TinyMCE solutions. However, we decided to not adapt any layout to work with the Classic block, that renders full content inside Gutenberg. Instead, turn Gutenberg completely off or use the new editor approach all the way.

This said, the Gutenberg is still unstable and changing. As we cant keep up with all the updates, full support for Gutenberg is not possible for now, but hopefully good enough.

There are no settings or options in the administration area

In this stage, we kept all settings and options as definitions inside a separate file included by the functions.php. During updates of the customizer area, options and settings will be moved into this interface, together with documentation online.

Summary and some final thoughts

The documentation is building up, all plugins and extensions will also be released. Entex Theme will not become any pro version, but please understand that support and help is limited for free.

  • Entex is an approach to use WordPress as an web application, not as a block based vertical template.
  • The idea is to handle a lot of information and large articles, presented more as an modern app to the user.
  • The Typhographic elements are based on working with Adobe and Word documents, Mobile APP GUI, and with normal sizes on monitor devices.
  • Layout and presentation, markup and typographic elements follow semantics for printed media, not made up rules by any consortium.
  • Entex is using WordPress foundation of templates, built in post types and post-formats, and using it all the way, everywhere.

This core theme has only initial layout and should be extended with a child theme. Its still a Release Candidate for the public, still making adjustments, since we decide to let this framework bee free for everyone. You are welcome with suggestions, as soon as we add the contact form…